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The Land Inheritance of Shem

The Land Inheritance of Shem Compiled and Edited by Aummanuel Bey   The Abrahamic disciples (Hebrews) have long opposed Moorish heritage, cultural traditions, and customs as they positioned themselves to be descendants of black slaves, Israelites on the threshold of deliverance. They saw their Hebraic or Israelite identification as being the chief possessor of God's blessings which entitled them to the Holy Land.   All things Moorish were condemned and readily stigmatized as being cursed and ungodly. But as the Moorish paradigm began to unravel secrets and reveal hidden truth to the Moorish identity and divine birthright it becomes increasingly apparent of those of Canaan and Moab was in fact the true inhabitants of the Holy Land. In light of...

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Aboriginal Not Originals

Aboriginal Not Originals Compiled by Aummanuel Da'Muur Bey We are not "Indians," "[N]atives," or "[A]boriginal." We are, always have been and always will be "Moors!" In fact, the word in its earliest inception meant "true man" or "original man," prior to its latter day definitions like "westerners" and "dark-skinned." In later posts the etymological evolution of this word will be drawn out, but in this particular segment our examination will focus upon fictitious terms like "Indigenous" or "First Peoples," "Aboriginal," and "Native" are being ascribed in opposition to the more proper designation "Moor." There are a huge variety of terms used to describe the peoples most commonly called “Native” or “Aboriginal.” The use of the word “Indian” is considered offensive...

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