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The American Moslem

Extracted from the work entitled: "The American Moslem: organ of the First Society for the Study of Islam in America" by John A. Lant, publisher; First Society for the Study of Islam in America, sponsoring agency Published: Jan. 1, 1894 “The American Moslem should not be a stranger to American soil. In our humble opinion, he has been here for a long time; in fact since the nation was born. It is not claiming a whit too much to say that he presided at its birth. George Washington was Moslem, alike with the other kindred spirits of the American Revolution.” The grace of manner of the Moslem, his simplicity and refinement, his devotion to learning, his skill in the occult...

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  Maurochthonous / maur•toch•tho•nous - . 1. Native to the soil. 2. The first, earliest, existing from the beginning," especially in reference to inhabitants of lands colonized by Seafaring Mu'abites. 3. Sprung from the soul from which one inhabits. 3. The primordial inhabitants of their land, as if sprung from the very soil of the region they inhabited. Their word for any true-born American, "Muur," original or primordial; "autochthōn," itself springs from auto-, meaning "self," and chthōn, meaning "earth."

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We, the People!

We, the People: Islam and the U.S. ConstitutionCompiled and edited by Aummanuel Beyoriginally posted March 1, 2021   Doctrinal Foundation: Often, the Judeo-Christian traditions are considered the doctrinal foundation of the US Constitution. A more appropriate tradition, the Islamic tradition, offers clearer insights onto the moral compass of America in which it derived from its early Moslem inhabitants. It is interesting that the foundation of American law has drawn much close comparison with ancient Israel, as the Israelites accepted God as their King and kept his laws as their own. Like ancient Israel, America's Founders set forth laws based on the laws of nature and of nature's God. It has catapulted the United States to an unmatched position as the...

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