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Eeny, Meeny,Miny, Moor

  Much of the Moorish legacy has been glossed in zoomorphic motifs, mythologized by both ancient and modern writers alike. We find Moorish history deeply embedded in as the foundations of old folklores, fairytales, comics, movies, novels, and even children’s nursery rhymes. All these various mythologizations concerned totemic symbology. Perhaps one of the most notable nursery rhymes, "Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe." This so-called children's counting-out rhyme was said to be used to select a person in games such as tag, or for selecting various other things. However, author Henry Carrington Bolton in his book “The Counting-Out Rhymes of Children: A Study of Folk-Lore,” thoroughly describes his research into the origins of various children’s “counting-out rhymes” that were popular at the time. The...

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