The American Moslem

Islam’s roots in America go back prior to the Founding Fathers. In fact, Islam has a long history in America, going back to the earliest days of the country's founding. In the past two-plus centuries, Islam and Moslem Americans have been intertwined with American history. That story is not well-known, and while admittedly that's in part because the Moslem population of the US has often been forcibly kept from their historical legacy and ancestral rites since the days of "Dum Diveras,"  a papal bull issued on 18 June 1452 by Pope Nicholas V. It authorized Afonso V of Portugal to conquer "Saracens" ("Moors") and "pagans" and consign them to "perpetual servitude." 
The bull of 1452 conceded Portugal's right to attack, conquer and subjugate Saracens and pagans by this admission: "We grant you by these present documents, with our Apostolic Authority, full and free permission to invade, search out, capture, and subjugate the Saracens and pagans and any other unbelievers and enemies of Christ wherever they may be, as well as their kingdoms, duchies, counties, principalities, and other property [...] and to reduce their persons into perpetual servitude."
And so, the Moorish legacy of the American Moslem has yet to be fully told. Generally the Moorish presence during the days of the Founding Fathers and American Revolution has been kept to minimal acknowledgement. We are generally told that he most visible role of Islam in the America of the Founding Fathers was perhaps in the words and actions of the founders themselves, who deliberately sought to include Islam as they established the principles of religious liberty. "The Founders of this nation explicitly included Islam in their vision of the future of the republic. Freedom of religion, as they conceived it, encompassed it," explains James H. Hutson, the chief of the Manuscript Division of the US Library of Congress. Thomas Jefferson, who famously owned a copy of the Quran, had much to say about Islam's place in America. According to Hutson, Jefferson, while campaigning for religious freedom in Virginia, demanded "recognition of the religious rights of the 'Mahamdan,' the Jew and the 'pagan.'" 
However, the rabbit hole of Moorish legacy goes much deeper. As historical revisionists have quietly kept to their inquisitionist ways by erasing and deliberating "WHITE-WASHING" anything Moorish. Historical personages and chronicles are altered and rewritten. The academic curriculum is full of historical fictions and strawmen.  Our Moorish Founding Fathers have been re-scripted into the fictitious forms of "WIGHT" European aristocrats, excommunicating their true identities as American Moslems. 
Extracted from the work entitled: "The American Moslem: organ of the First Society for the Study of Islam in America" by John A. Lant, publisher:
Jan. 1, 1894
“The American Moslem should not be a stranger to American soil. In our humble opinion, he has been here for a long time; in fact since the nation was born. It is not claiming a whit too much to say that he presided at its birth. George Washington was Moslem, alike with the other kindred spirits of the American Revolution.”
"The grace of manner of the Moslem, his simplicity and refinement, his devotion to learning, his skill in the occult sciences, the brilliancy and beauty of his works, his chivalrous gallantry and sublime reverence for Deity have been chronicled by Irving, Carlyle, Davenport, Leitner, and other scholars. Their pens point to him with praise and gratitude. His urbane example comes down to us from the eras of the past like the promise of the sunrise. All that has been truly lived by humanity has been lived by him. His fellowship with his brother man was a poem lit up with the richest imagery and the happiest practice. Wherever the graces are observed throughout our peaceful American homes there you will find the Moslem principle exemplified. The impress of his genius and gentleness are yet traceable throughout a large portion of the human family.
The religion of the Moslem derives its origin direct from the inspiration of Mohammed. He was the last man who attained the rank of a prophet, and it was Mohammed who concentrated the then revealed truths of the Ancients, the Judaic and the Christian into one great and independent religion.
The example of the Moslem is worthy of emulation. The study of Islam should command the attention of the earnest, unbiased searcher after truth. That the hungering, confiding heart of humanity has become confused there is no doubt. Millions live in despair or in rebellion against the Christian religion. The great oceans of belief and un- belief in it are alike tideless and motionless. A babel of interpretations abound."
"The American Moslem will prove a messenger of peace and good will to men. It will shed new light on the teachings of Jesus. It will teach nothing old, nothing new. It will endeavor to bring men now wide apart in thought and deed closer together. It will encourage and practice toleration. It is not unmindful that many good things are already urged by many peoples. Yet few are found who practically admit and live the simple truth. Let the study of Islam proceed.
The dark West needs the radiant rays of the East to quicken it into spiritual life and energy."
Let us not forget that there is even a bas-relief statue of the "Prophet Mohammed" on the north wall of US Supreme Court that, while constructed in 1935, deliberately harks back to much earlier roots. As noted by scholar Timothy Marr in his book "The Cultural Roots of American Islamicism," he states that: the "larger-than-life representation of the Prophet Muhammad" is situated "between Charlemagne and Justinian as one of eighteen great law givers of history."
The U.S. Supreme Court honors Prophet Muhammad as one of the greatest law givers in history. His Constitution of Medina” (henceforward, “the treaty”) was drawn up on behalf of the Islamic prophet Muhammad shortly after his arrival at Medina. His constitution was created to end the bitter intertribal fighting between the rival clans of Banu Aws and Banu Khazraj in Medina and to maintain peace and co-operation among all Medinan groups. Establishing the role of Muhammad as the mediating authority between the two groups and the others in Medina was central to the ending of Medinan internal violence and was an essential feature of the constitution. The document ensured freedom of religious beliefs and practices for all citizens who "follow the believers". It assured that representatives of all parties, Muslim or non-Muslim, should be present when consultation occurs or in cases of negotiation with foreign states.
It is very curious to take note of the many similarities and close comparative details of Prophet Muhammad and the "Constitution of Medina" in relation to the Great Law of Peace, the oral constitution of the Iroquois Confederacy and it being conceived by Dekanawidah, known as the Great Peacemaker, and his spokesman Hiawatha. So similar are the stories, one must begin to ask if the story of Prophet Muhammad inspire the latter?
Even though some of the numerous legends about the Great Peacemaker have conflicting information, it cannot easily be dismissed. It is reported that he was born a Huron, and by some accounts, his mother was a virgin, making the birth miraculous. Others say he was born an Onondaga and later adopted by the Mohawk. By all accounts, the Great Peacemaker was a prophet who counseled peace among the warring tribes, and he called for an end to ritual cannibalism. According to some legends the Great Peacemaker's follower Hiawatha, an Onondaga renowned for his oratory, helped him achieve his vision of bringing the tribes together in peace. 
This story mirrors closely with that of the Prophet Muhammad, who has been recognized as one of the world's greatest Law-givers by the country in which was undoubtedly built upon Islamic principles and Law. He was immortalized in a nation still bearing its mark of its Moorish progenitors; the place which birthed the ever-coming of Prophet Noble Drew Ali, who re-lit the illuminating ancestry of the descendants of those American Moslems in which we speak of now. 
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